Saturday, February 28, 2009

James interviewed in SCIFINOW 25

In relation to BacktoFRANKBLACK, I was interviewed for the back page of the latest SCIFINOW Issue 25. Read it. Not for me (I'm a simple, good-for-nothing Brit nobody) but to support the Millennium agenda.

And because I'm in it.

Should be taking part in a Millennium podcast stay tuned (or do something more interesting in the interim - your choice).
In other news.. more details about K-9, the upcoming children's series from K-9's brainchild, Bob Baker.


From the writer of Wallace and Gromit, Bob Baker, comes…

K9 – The Series

GENRE: Comedy
Running Time: 26 x 1/2 hr episodes

Somewhere in the future…


Originally created for the 1970s DOCTOR WHO series by Bob Baker and Dave Martin, K9 has long been an iconic television character. Now comes a brand new adventure series featuring everyone’s favourite robot dog!

K9 is a children’s sci-fi/adventure series combining comedy, action and suspense “X Files” meets “Men in Black” with a zany dash of “Ghostbusters”. K9 mixes live action characters with stunning visual-effects.

London, in the future: STARKEY (14) orphan and rebel ultimately plans to bring down the system but for the time being he is prepared to simply slip through the cracks. While evading the police he takes refuge in a large detached house, now the residence of reclusive scientist, Professor GRYFFEN. He is followed by JORJIE (14) an adventurous girl who partly admires Starkey’s dissident stance, but mostly wants to share whatever excitement is afoot.

Inside the dilapidated mansion, they see Gryffen absorbed in an experiment with a strange piece of alien technology, a Space Time Manipulator (S/TM). DARIUS (15) an artful dodger who, among his many occupations, runs errands for Gryffen, confronts the pair, but at that moment a portal opens and through the hole torn in the fabric of space/time burst two reptilian warrior JIXEN. The Jixen attack Starkey. The teenager is saved from certain death by a small dog-like robot, K9 Mark I, who follows the Jixen through the portal and places himself between the monsters and boy.

In the ensuing battle, the only way K9 can defeat the Jixen is to blow himself and them to pieces. One surviving Jixen limps out of the mansion. Before expiring, K9 is able to give instructions that allow Starkey to initiate a regeneration program. A new, more sophisticated and futuristically designed K9 is regenerated.

K9 and Starkey, with the assistance of Jorjie, Darius and Gryffen, become the earth’s front line defence against dangers threatening from anywhere and anytime in the galaxy. They will have a lot of fun, action, adventure, and some scares along the way, saving the earth from alien creatures, monsters and more than a few human threats.

The K-9 mark 1 sounds interesting on two counts. K-9 mark 1 was left on Gallifrey - so what's it doing on Earth? Let's pray it's not "Bob" canon, based on his tie-in stories that were published staring K-9 in the 80s.

Secondly, wasn't the reason for the big K-9 revamp because while Bob owns the character, he doesn't own the design? So will Mark 1 look like the BBC K-9? As a pertinent quote: "Time will tell - it always does.."

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