Monday, July 27, 2009

James (and Troy) interview Jon Polito!

A plug for the BacktoFrankBlack interview with Jon Polito that's just been released. A few comments before the press blurb...

I've always been a massive, massive, massive fan of Homicide Life On The Street, particularly it's early seasons where the cast choices made for a very real show. The decision to pull Polito on the basis he wasn't a charismatic character was the first signal of Network pressures damaging the show's integrity.

Thankfully the scenes Polito's character Det. Steve Crosetti had in the first two seasons were strong and worthy of both the show and the real-life police man Terry McLarney whom Polito's character was based on (at least from what I read of McLarney in the show creator's original study of the Baltimore police department).

So it was a thrill to interview Jon for his work in Homicide AND his GREAT work in Millennium. Certainly the most endearing guest character in the show and a real boon to the episode Omerta. A cold blooded killer, come anti-hero, come genuine hero - Eddie Scarpino is a delight to watch and I'm so glad that the man behind the character was as charming and captivating to interview as he was to watch.


Press Blurb!

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BacktoFrankBlack: Millennium Group Sessions 07 - Omerta Pt 2

In the seventh episode in the Millennium Group Sessions series, Troy and Jim speak to Omerta guest star Jon Polito (Homicide: Life On The Street, Miller's Crossing, The Big Nothing) and talk about his prolific career and his love for Millennium. It's a fun, informative and charming interview. Expect an abridged version on the blog in the future along with a great hi-res image of Jon on set.

Also, Millennium Group Sessions #7 has more news, updates and informal chat with your hosts Troy Foreman and Jim McLean.

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