Monday, September 17, 2007

PERSONAL UPDATE: "Beowulf", illustrated by James McLean - OUT NOW

To tie in with the upcoming Beowulf movie, Kingfisher have published the story in book form, translated by Penelope Hicks and illustrated by, well, me. The wonderful cover art is by Steve Stone.

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There are two versions of this book, a US format (slightly larger) and a UK format.

To purchase the book via, please do so via my site referral. Thank you. So kind. To show I'm in no ones pocket, I will let you into a secret: It can be purchased in other places as well. Naturally, I would prefer you to do so via my link, and I'm sure you can sympathise as to why. I believe Amazon offer a preview of the pages, so if you want a look, you can do so online at their website. The book is available internationally.

In other news, my website has had a revamp. If you've been good enough to follow my referral link, you'll have discovered this, if not, and you are curious - in a sexy, but non harming sort of way, please visit: James