Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Podcast Interview with Moi

I took part in a rather enjoyable informal chat with the host of ThaDarksideVibe podcast, Troy Foreman to chat about Millennium and BacktFrankBlack. It was an Easter Monday affair and I must confess to not being on the ball as I should. Naturally I'll blame my infamous dodgy memory (as those who know me can attest to), and my recent drug addled recuperation from my wisdom tooth extraction (which those who know me will attest I stopped taking the pills earlier this weekend and expose this bogus excuse).

Either way, we myself and Troy have a good 45 minute natter across the seas on the subject of Millennium. We're looking at the possibility of working with Troy again on a podcast dedicated to BacktoFrankBlack - time will tell whether that idea comes to fruition.

I'm talking to horror magazine Rue Morgue on doing a small feature on the campaign along with Lance Henriksen. Again, early stages - for those who wanted to hear what I think without actually having to hear me. I understand such a perspective totally - you have my sympathy! In the meantime, support Troy's podcast and suffer my dulcet tones on the following direct MP3 link!

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