Monday, October 08, 2007

Sabian, Bryar and M.A.S.K

Want some more McLean? Head to your local Sabian dealer!
(US & Canada only)

The competition rules etc are on-site. It's a comic page which is the basis for a competition by Sabian, maker of those massively popular rawk cymbals.

Not only do selected Sabian dealers have the comic page by myself, in which you finish the story, but there is also a chance to meet My Chemical
Romance drummer, Bob Bryar! Who could resist? I mean, another piece of McLean and a chance to get a drum lesson with some drum legend from a rather popular rock beat combo?

If I hadn't drawn it, and I lived in the US, or I lived in Canada, I would get myself a
piece of myself.

In other news, the region 2 release of M.A.S.K (which I did the cover for), is delayed till November, but hey, don't you have enough McLean for this month?


With that shameless plug out of the way, what has McLean been up to? What does McLean recommend?

Well McLean had a rather disturbing loss of screeners this month. Okay, he has a pile mounting up to review for my editor, but he had more on the way which would have fitted with those he had to review. And what happens? Mr Postman, in his eagerness to thieve, opened the package, took the DVDs, and passed the empty jiffy onwards through the postal system.

Now, I appreciate that some postal workers may indeed be on low wages, but I can assure you Beck Vol 3 isn't going to get you anything but a DVD case in the face if it was presented to any nephew for a Birthday present. That's not to say it's bad, but of selective taste, and the third volume of a low key anime release isn't going to get you proud eyes.

Other than that, thoroughly enjoying some James Herriot in book form, made more interesting by a recent trip to the James Herriot museum found in Thirsk, Yorkshire. Interestingly, the fictitiously village of Darrowby, for which Thirsk was the basis, is remarkably similar, right down to the vet's location, and the details of the house. I recommend a visit to anyone who is lurking between Durham and York. Fascinating stuff.

Getting a little more into Heroes, but still not quite sure what the fuss is about. Same with Catch 22, a book which has gripped the world by is failing to grip me. Granted, I'm not far into it, but if it wasn't such a famous, influential classic, I'd have put it down by now.

Been listening to the Foo Fighters newest offering. Some catchy moments, but Mr Foo is getting awfully predictable in his work. You can tell where each song is going to go. Still, not terrible.

Finally, I'm looking at moving my off rumoured "Pandemonium" project to novel form. Yes, I'm going to give a go at writing a book. Having written the Batman DKA story through my student time (and surprisingly capturing the interest of literally millions across the world) I feel the urge to try a project which is solely writing, and allow any past time artwork to be focused on other projects. I just feel there is enough substance there to push it into a richer medium, and a more mainstream one too (there are far more publishers of books than comics). Posted, keep you, I will.