Wednesday, November 09, 2011

My Name is Earl movie? Jason Lee says please!

Several sources have reported Jason Lee's interest in returning to My Name Is Earl, a show I hold with great affection. reported on Jason's positive hopes just last week and prior to that Eonline quoted Jason on his belief that its just not him behind a revival but creator Garcia himself:

I've talked to Greg and even if we have to get a small guerrilla crew together and kind of make our own thing and put it on the internet, we definitely want a closing. Whatever we can do to sort of finish the list, I feel it in the air, it's time. A movie? Fantastic.

My Name Is Earl was a four season show about a criminal called Earl Hickey looking to reform through his misunderstanding of karmic nature, seeing that doing good things begets good things and bad things begetting bad things. He creates a list of all the bad things he's done and looks to cross each off (one a week as episode scheduling goes). It was a gentle, smart and slightly over the top comedy from Raising Hope creator Greg Garcia. It was cancelled at the end of its fourth season leaving the show on a "to be continued" cliffhanger.

A few years since that rather unfair cancellation (viewing figures, while not top of the league were reported to be fair), looks like Jason is trying to stir support in seeing the show return. Really worth a look if you haven't. Some form of conclusion is required.

Do good things, and good things happen - hopefully those holding the cards will feel the same.