Monday, October 15, 2007

ART: Rawk Promotion Revealed.

Following on from comments made in the previous blog entry, I have a little more to impart on the Sabian promotion.

To the right of this musing, your brain should be being coaxed by your eyes to behold the store stand for the Sabian promotion I mentioned in my last blog. It was initially tested at a Florida Convention (which is where the photo comes from), though it has been through some slight changes since then. Specifically, we made some alterations to Jimmy Sullivan and Chad Smith who are in the background.

Sad thing is, living in the UK and this being a Canada/US promotion through Sabian (, I may never get to see the final product. This is what precious detail as of the hard copy output to this project.

Naturally, if anyone happens to see the final product in Sabian outlets, and has a camera phone handy, send me a shot - I'm understandably curious!

In other news, I've moved one of my personal long term project, Pandemonium, a story I've been toying with for two years, from a comic platform (as it was initially conceived) to a book. Knowing me, I may swing back again, but I've been writing the first 10,000 words and I'm finding the medium of narrative is far more rewarding, giving me room for extra detail, narrative humour and story exposition. There is a little more about the project (but just a little ) at

Just finished a review for Mushi-shi for Toon Zone News, which I'll be posting here based on volume one. Unfortunately, volume 2 was stolen in transit from Editor to myself. Pity, as it's an excellent show.

Also, an interview with comic artist John Rauch will be popping up on this blog as well as at Cartoons, Dammit! Stay tuned, so to speak.