Tuesday, November 22, 2011

James McLean on Back To Frank Black

Interview by Patrick Munn on Back to Frank Black - the campaign for the return of Millennium's Frank Black.
James McLean, founder and Co-Project Manager for Back To Frank Black, talks to us about the campaign, the support they have received and more.
Shorty after running our series of articles on XFilesNews, I was contacted by one of the two project managers behind the website Back To Frank Black. The site is devoted to seeing the central character of Millennium, Frank Black, resurrected in one form or another. To see if this was possible I spoke with contacts at 20th Century Fox and FX, who stated that a Millennium project was not on their "radars" at the present time. Shortly after that, I wrote a fairly in depth article on the campaign and its history. Just this past week I had the chance to interview James McLean, one of the campaign’s two project managers, about their origins, their upcoming book and more.

So, James, you are one of the two project managers for Back To Frank Black. Can you tell us what that involves? What do you tend to be doing on a day-to-day basis?

A lot of it is planning. There is a lot of planning, some stuff doesn’t work. But there’s a lot of reacting to issues and trying to build on them. We don’t have a big staff, so it’s not really about co-ordinating people; it’s about co-ordinating the direction of the campaign.

Read more at Suite101: James McLean Talks About Back To Frank Black | Suite101.com http://patrickmunn.suite101.com/james-mclean-talks-about-back-to-frank-black-a397057#ixzz1eRo8WpM3

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

My Name is Earl movie? Jason Lee says please!

Several sources have reported Jason Lee's interest in returning to My Name Is Earl, a show I hold with great affection.

OnTheReadCarpet.com reported on Jason's positive hopes just last week and prior to that Eonline quoted Jason on his belief that its just not him behind a revival but creator Garcia himself:

I've talked to Greg and even if we have to get a small guerrilla crew together and kind of make our own thing and put it on the internet, we definitely want a closing. Whatever we can do to sort of finish the list, I feel it in the air, it's time. A movie? Fantastic.

My Name Is Earl was a four season show about a criminal called Earl Hickey looking to reform through his misunderstanding of karmic nature, seeing that doing good things begets good things and bad things begetting bad things. He creates a list of all the bad things he's done and looks to cross each off (one a week as episode scheduling goes). It was a gentle, smart and slightly over the top comedy from Raising Hope creator Greg Garcia. It was cancelled at the end of its fourth season leaving the show on a "to be continued" cliffhanger.

A few years since that rather unfair cancellation (viewing figures, while not top of the league were reported to be fair), looks like Jason is trying to stir support in seeing the show return. Really worth a look if you haven't. Some form of conclusion is required.

Do good things, and good things happen - hopefully those holding the cards will feel the same.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back To Frank Black book announced!

Announced on the 15th Birthday of Millennium's first episode, Pilot, Back To Frank Black announce a book of Millennium and the campaign to bring it back!
I'll be doing some illustrations for the book as well as contributing as a writer.
October 25, 2011 — Fourth Horseman Press is proud to announce Back to Frank Black, an upcoming book based on the Fox television series Millennium(1996-1999) and produced in association with the titular campaign to return its protagonist and television’s greatest criminal profiler, Frank Black, to the screen.
Back to Frank Black offers fans of Millennium a hitherto unprecedented volume of material exploring this landmark series. The book features original essays from a number of authors with in-depth knowledge of the series—including Joseph Maddrey, co-author of Lance Henriksen’s autobiography Not Bad for a Human (2011), and media critic John Kenneth Muir—as well as exclusive material from the cast and crew, much of which is drawn from the wealth of interviews that the Back to Frank Black campaign has conducted for its distinctive series of online podcasts.
Back to Frank Black will be edited by Adam Chamberlain and Brian A. Dixon, publishers for Fourth Horseman Press and consultants to the Back to Frank Black campaign. The book will be made available in both print and digital editions with an expected publication date of early 2012.  The collection will not be sold for profit and all proceeds will be donated to Lance Henriksen’s preferred registered charity, Children of the Night. For the latest news on the book’s release, visit backtofrankblack.com or follow the Back to Frank Black campaign on Twitter and Facebook. Publisher’s updates will be made available at fourthhorsemanpress.com as well as on Fourth Horseman Press’s Twitter andFacebook feeds.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Latest PodKast from Kasterborous.com with James!

Another PodKast for Kasterborous.com. Myself, editor Christian Cawley, associated editor Brian Terranova and guest Vworp Vworp! editor Gareth Kavanagh.  


In their words not mine:

"The podKast with a “K” goes retrospective this week as we cast our eyes and our minds (not to mention your ears) back across the whole of Series 6, with our special guest, Vworp Vworp! editor Gareth Kavanagh.

In the past we’ve done round table discussions as articles, but this time around we thought it might be better to give our listener the chance to experience the thoughts as they’re shared, rather than in edited form.

We go into detail on a number of interesting points, such as the Tessalecta, the Lodger TARDIS, Steven Moffat’s broken promise of a proper death in The Impossible Astronaut and his choice of writers, as well as mulling once more on Alex Kingston and River Song and judging what can be gained from Series 6 going forwards into 2012.

Now we’re well aware that we might be going into some contentious territory with some of these observations, but with the benefit of Gareth Kavanagh’s presence (a gentleman fortunate enough to run his own pub and host weekly screenings of Series 6) we get a unique insight into what general, non-Whovian viewers might have felt about the 2011 episodes…"

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Archive: Interviewing Hayden Black and Laura Silverman!

One from earlier this year - an interview I did with TV Show comedy Goodnight Burbank creator Hayden Black and show's lead actress Laura Silverman for Doctor Who website Kasterborous.com. Goodnight Burbank was at time of the interview airing on Hulu.com though more recently its been picked up for cable. For more information on Goodnight Burbank, visit www.goodnightburbank.com. To hear the podkast, follow the link!


The Kasterborous.com podkast is a weekly event - I tend to appear most weeks! Occasional interviews, but mainly opinion pieces on the TV show, Doctor Who!