Sunday, December 14, 2008

James interviewed by X-Files

,James is interviewed for his work at by X-Files News - a FOX endorsed X-Files news site.

Enough of the third person, I was interviewed. It was fun and I must say the staff are splendid. Please support the site whenever you can if you have any Philes blood within you.

"..James Mclean and Kimon, as we know them, describe this campaign as a different and unusual one, “…as it's not really about fans demanding the return of a TV series, or even the main character, but looking to support the interest of Mr Carter, Mr Spotnitz and Frank Black himself, Lance Henriksen - all of which have cited their interest in returning to Frank Black and Millennium in the past year.” In their own words, is this a campaign to support a campaign?

They explain that this movement surfaced recently, and when the guys approached Frank Spotnitz about it he wouldn’t be any more forthcoming but yet realistic: "It’s something we would definitely be interested in, but it’s going to take a massive appeal by fans to get it up." James adds: “we are looking to bring the fans together and create a platform of support based on the actors and producers eagerness to bring it back...”

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