Saturday, February 21, 2009

Could the original Battlestar Galactica be back on track for Earth?

Could Battlestar Galactica - the original return?

seems to think it might - or at least a movie version endorsed in some way by creator Glen A Larson. I for one would be curious. Always been close to my heard (though nothing compared to my pleasure and admiration of the new revival), but with RDM's version finishing, I'd be happy to try - or resample - the vintage brand.

Never a bad show, it did suffer from the politics of those above neutering their potential (for instance, not being too fond of Cylons killing people..). We can hope a return might not carry such ridiculous hinderances.

One minor issue that might plague any rebirth/return of the old show might be the comparisons to the critically acclaimed revival show by Ronald D Moore. Given how Moore's revival suffered such bitter backlash for its differences to the then established ideals of Battlestar Galatica, it will be interesting if those converted to the revival show might harbour similar concerns against the return of the original - which is bound to look for a niche far apart from Moore's baby.

How the tables have turned. But as RDM's show likes to say... it has happened before.. it will happen again. Pertinent... n'est pas?


Anonymous said...

Great points!! I too share the concern of comparison...ala Star Trek TOS versus TNG...remember when the original Trek crew was in the theaters while TNG was on TV? There were groundswells from fans to shelve the TOS crew and give TNG the movie treatment.

I do think (ironically) the original BSG could be given a boost by the success of the re imagined show...but I also really want this to happen because i really like the original despite in cheese/camp quality. In fact, NOT INCLUDING the original Cylon Centurions in the newer version of BSG was one of my few criticisms when the new show came out.

James McLean said...

Yeah TNG - and how did that turn out for you? One good movie, one average movie and two terrible ones. :)

Yes, I agree, I was never keen on the orginal BSG cheese - in fact, aside from Hand of God, the later episodes where the Cylons were lost and the camp took center stage were terrible. BSG original series was best in its pilot - as with most Glen A Larson productions. There were some good episodes midway (Fire In Space, The Living Legend, War of the Gods and The Man With Nine Lives), but yes the camp is what BSG is remembered for when really it was the adventure, gentle characters and the foreboding situation that really flew the series.

Fingers crossed on a return!