Tuesday, November 11, 2008

McLean is busy right now - please leave a message.

A short but sweet update.

Been a little busy of late. Those smart stalkers out there will realise a lot of spare time has been ploughed into www.backtofrankblack.com, and beyond that, it's been work. Two video game projects on the go, plus what seems to be a regular entourage of illustration projects. All good for the wallet, not so good for Myspace blogs and the ilk.

Other things that have suffered is a comic submission/possible Stripped Bare follow up that I'm working on with Paul L Mathews which since August has been in limbo beneath workload and my own book which completed its second full 110,000 word draft has taken a backstep. As has my piano work. All very disappointing backburnering.

The M.A.S.K volume 2 is on its way to being completed, with the cover artwork near enough completed, waiting for the final pass. The image on this article is a piece of reference I was using - which happened to be a book I had when I was at school in the 80s. I bought it from the book club and it had a glowing hologram on the front that I still remember vividly. Ah happy days. Where was I? Oh yes - books. Quarry Grove book 2 is being pushed towards new publishers as we speak.

On the writing front, I'll import a couple more reviews I did for Toon Zone in the past few months. Waiting on the next selection of screeners, which given the aforementioned busy period, a delay is a good thing...

So there you go. Of course, this won't last - it never does. Like an actor, you can be filled to the brim for a few months and then a little quiet for a couple more. When it goes quiet, expect more updates. Promise. :)

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