Monday, October 27, 2008

Zone Horror UK promotes BacktoFRANKBLACK!

Millennium and Frank Black are a personal favourite of mine, so excuse me as I add this little plug for the campaign to bring the lead character, Frank Black, back!

UK Horror has run an article about the BacktoFRANKBLACK campaign!

Millennium (which is being shown daily here on Zone Horror at 20:00) lasted three seasons but the main character, Frank Black returned briefly in an episode of The X-Files (episode 4 of series 7 fact fans!). More recently, creator Chris Carter and lead actor, Lance Henriksen have stated their interest in bringing Frank Black back. In Millennium producer/writer Frank Spotnitz’ words, “It’s something we would definitely interested in… but its going to take a massive appeal by fans to get it up!”

So it comes as no surprise to learn that a website has been created to petition and ask for Frank Black’s return, in any shape or form....

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