Monday, May 15, 2006

INTERVIEW: Kade returns for issue 2

[article for Toon Zone News:03-18-2004]

As Arcana Studio's Kade continues into it's second issue, editor-in-chief Sean Patrick tells Toon Zone how happy he is with the title.

"Kade’s debut was an enormous success that we didn’t really expect but are very thankful for," explains Patrick. "We have been working very hard producing these titles and the response we’ve received has been incredibly rewarding."

Patrick, one of the driving forces behind Arcana Studio, is also creator of Kade, a warrior who feels no pain and who is driven on a quest for revenge. Sean hints at what readers can expect from the second issue.

"Now that the introduction is over, the story really begins to delve into the characters and plot," he says. "Kade #2 continues right from where Kade and Kamric were surrounded by the demon hoards of Apollyon. The story then delves into Apollyon’s history and motives, including back-up story ‘War of the Vampyres’ by Fer Galicia.

Many new characters are introduced and we get a much better look at Apollyon’s right hand man -- Cadoc! He is the ‘Starscream’ of the Kade title -- second in command, always looking to be leader, and he is slick. He’s not the sword-wielding flexing type. He’s much more sinister and always uses less-than-noble means. Cadoc truly is the type of bad guy that you love to hate, and with his wicked words and actions in this issue, we promise you that’s how you will view him.

"The art is once again exceptional with the talented Paco Medina and Francisco Herrera doing the covers for Kade #2. Eduardo Garcia continues to pencil the story by Sean O’Reilly and Nancy Parrazales inks are blended beautifully with Grupo EsComic colors."

Kade #2 was released in May 2004.

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