Monday, May 15, 2006

INTERVIEW: Arcana Studio Readies "Ant" Sophomore Issue

[Interview for Toon Zone News:03-25-2004

]Arcana Studios will release Ant, a new flagship title, early in May [2004], Arcana's editor-in-chief Sean Patrick tells Toon Zone.

"Ant is the story of a little girl and how she copes with the ‘big adult’ world in which she lives," Patrick explains. "Hanna is a precious youngster who seems to understand far more about the real world than any eight-year old should. Her father is a good man and a loving father and has always tried to raise his daughter the best that he can. Hanna’s estranged mother, Betty, is a bit of a mess and only seems to enter Hanna’s life when she need something from Danny. Hanna’s schoolmates, led by Carrie Wolfe, ostracize her and pick on her relentlessly. With the exception of her neighbor, Steven, they all treat Hanna like their personal punching bag.

"To deal with the stress, Hanna has taken to writing in her journal and drawing fantastic stories. The contents of her journal are what many comic scholars have dubbed a ‘juvenile power fantasy.’
She has created a fictitious world where she can act out her noble aspirations as her adult superhero ego."

Patrick is excited about the title and its creative force, Mario Gully. “We are continuing with the sold-out success of Ant #1, and I promise you that Mario has done an even better job with this one. From plot and character development all the way to art, this one is amazing!"

In addition, Ant 2 will feature an incentive cover, with 1 out of every 10 covers being a penciled J. Scott Campbell cover. Campbell has worked on a variety of top titles including Spider-Man, Battle Of The Planets, Wildcat and G.I Joe.

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