Thursday, June 25, 2009

James (and Troy) interview Klea Scott!

This was a great interview. The wonderful, talented and oh-so-charming Klea Scott, chatted to Troy and myself for nearly an hour and a half. Time shot by. She really does take the reins for this interview and imparts lots of juicy, fun and candid information about her career, Millennium and of course, Lance Henriksen (whom she worked with closely on Millennium for those silly people not in the know).

Monday brings another big interview. Along with Troy we'll be interview X-Files and Millennium writer/producer/legend, Frank Spotnitz. A little bit excited about that.

A couple of reviews will be blogged during the week that I did for Toon Zone. Need to add some variety to La Blog methinks.

La Plug:

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to inform you of a very special edition of our Millennium Group Sessions Podcast to be released on Sunday 21st June. Klea Scott, Emma Hollis herself, spoke exclusively to BackToFrankBlack about her recollection of her time on Millennium for the first time since she provided the Season Three DVD commentary almost a decade ago.
We, as fans, owe a debt of gratitude to the sheer exuberance Klea still has for Millennium and for the way in which she has rallied to support this campaign and here's where you can help. Use your Blogs, Twitter accounts, Myspace pages and more to tell all you know about this very exclusive scoop. Let everyone know, Klea Scott is in the house!

To download from
To download from ITUNES
  • To subscribe to the Itunes podcast, simply load up the Itunes store on your Itunes application, search for BacktoFrankBlack and wait for the podcast to pop onto the list. Then click "subscribe" - you will need to sign up to a free Itunes account to do this - but Itunes does run a great service for podcasts of all types (including our friends ThaDarkSideVibe and Spooktalkular)

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