Thursday, March 12, 2009

Red Dwarf Synopsis details (spoilers-lite)

Red Dwarf update:

Now I'm not one for spoilers, and I've done my best to avoid the naughty ilk when it comes to shows I like, but I must admit, I was very eager to find out some of the back story to the new Red Dwarf episodes being shown on Dave in the UK at Easter. I suppose I can give myself a small stretch of leniency as I very much doubt these smaller back story details won't be a massive part of the tales as a whole. I'm guessing, just like Red Dwarf III, that cliffhanger from Red Dwarf VIII will be briskly glossed over. As I think it should be. Forget the waffle, move the show along. I can't say I felt Red Dwarf VIII was the show's finest hour in set-up or gags, so I'm quite happy with this.

So what is there to say? Well, this from SFX - and they have more spoilers if you follow the link to do with the actual episodes, or "synopsis" as they like to officially call them. For me, a synopisis of a show you've not seen, even just a partial synopsis, still tells you stuff you didn't know, ergo, it's a spoiler really - let's not beat around the mulberry bush my lads.

Anyway, here's what it says - courtesy of Doug Naylor via SFX. Read with one eye shut - or not at all if you have a stronger backbone than I.

“It starts nine years after the last show. Kochanski has died and Holly is down – Lister left a bath tap on for almost nine years and then one night the floor gives way and a million gallons of water fall through the ship, and Holly hasn’t been dried out. That’s where it starts.

“Lister’s not in good shape, and there’s a general air of neglect and malaise. Rimmer, as he’s always done, thinks purely about himself, and because of this everything’s gone down the tubes. He has aged, even though holograms shouldn’t – he hasn’t had holo-services because he didn’tknow about them."

Sounds good to me, boys and girls. Does it sound good to you?

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