Monday, March 23, 2009

Author speaks out on his feelings about Millennium.

Back to Millennium, back to Frank Black. Am I obsessed? No - I've met Millennium fans who have worked for that description. I'm just over-focused. Particularly on the campaign to bring Millennium back - after all, it was a show about one man caring more than anyone else. Well, BacktoFrankBlack is the same. Only its a group of people who care more than anything else. Oh, and I suppose we don't really help solve violent crimes either. But there's enough there to strain out this allegory.

While we're on this subject, I thought for those who ask me "why do you waste time promoting this Millennium thing?" I could reply with a single sentence rather than mountains of my own frayed thread of opinions and ideas (see previous paragraph for damn fine example).

Let me just clarify what I mean:

"Why do you waste time promoting this Millennium thing?"
Read this blog and find out.

See? Simplo.

And seriously, give it a read. It's a great, personal piece from an established thriller author (M R Sellers) and what draws him into the world of Millennium. Read it if you feel tempted to ask me that bolded question, read it for the sheer hell of a good article. Which ever you pick, read it now - there's a good chap.

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