Saturday, December 13, 2008

McLean interviews Lance Henriksen!

Little old me got the opportunity to have a phone interview with horror/sci-fi actor Lance Henriksen for Read the first part of this interview!

I must say it was a delight and Lance was enthusiastic to talk about the campaign to return his character Frank Black to a screen near you. We chatted for nearly an hour - a fascinating man, as I hope the interview will prove.

What I found fascinating was just how difference Lance is to Frank Black and in someways so similar. They are both devoted to their art - Lance works hard on his characters as Frank does on his cases. I feel there are some similar perspectives in ideology too, but the candor and intonation of Lance is utterly different to Frank Black. Goes without saying that a good actor should be different from the persona he plays, but with Lance you really feel he explores the character and finds routes to discover that character that aren't supported by his own attitudes. In the interview, Lance quoted a line from Frank. Now, I won't pretend I'm the world's authority on Millennium, but I've seen the whole show and enjoy it thoroughly (enough to fight for its future I guess!), but I didn't recognize the quote! It wasn't until later when I played it back in my head I got it. It was the intonation. Frank and Lance may share the same voice, but the way he generates "Frank" is utterly different to how Lance speaks. So much so, the quote felt alien from Lance even though it was a quote from Frank. If you see.

Well there you go, a little waffle to plug the interview. Lovely guy - and eager to contribute to the campaign. Enjoy.

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