Wednesday, May 10, 2006

ARTICLE: Matthew Manning - Do Not Open

[Article from Toon Zone News: 29th July 2004]

This new self-contained one-shot is titled For Best Results: Do Not Open, and is written by Matthew K. Manning (Justice League Adventures, Spider-Man Unlimited) with art by Robert Donnelly (Meathaus, Reflux Comics).

This off-beat satire set in a future dystopian society, deals with an average Joe who comes into possession of a mysterious box that could be the answer to mankind's wildest dreams. Instead, he finds himself on the run from the FBI, the most powerful man on the planet, and a self-loathing vampire priest.

Manning and Donnelly have paired together several times in the past, creating short stories in the pages of the Meathaus and Reflux Comics anthologies as well as an upcoming project for Avatar Comics. This includes their first Meathaus special entitled, "Getting the Sex Out of the Way." This issue marks Donnelly's first venture into a full-length comic script, one he took advantage of by trying a shading technique similar to animated cell painting.

For Best Results: Do Not Open is a 24-page black and white one-shot and can be ordered online at or It is also featured in August Previews magazine.

Article: James McLean

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